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Martyn Ford

About the speaker

I’m constantly amazed at how little I know about the majority of things. I’ve lived around Cardiff for most of my life so far, but my significantly better half has taken me with her on holiday to 4 other continents. I only met 3 of my grandparents, as all 4 of them were born in the 1890s I like spending time with my children and grandchildren. When I was born there were about 3 billion people on the planet, now there are almost 7 billion of us. I’m not sure if I’d like to become a billionaire, which probably explains why I’m usually too busy doing nothing about it.  However, I’d be interested in finding out who’s printing all the extra money that’s come into circulation (to cover inflation and interest) and how it’s been distributed; because a number of studies have shown that a major cause of poverty is people’s lack of money.