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The size of a cow

Event: #24 Speaker: Esther Nagle Date: 27th July 2015
Esther Nagle

About Esther Nagle

I’m a single mum to 3 amazing sons, completely astonished that I now have to talk about the fact that I am 42 (when did THAT happen!?), and, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I am pretty happy with my life.  I *could* be earning more money, I *could* be living somewhere where I don’t complain about being cold for 3/4 of the year, I *could* be dating Robert Downey Jr, but for now, all is good, I am happy with my cashless, slightly chilly, RDJ free life.  I have my boys, I have health, I have Yoga, I have friends and family who I adore, I have hills and walking boots, and I have music.  I get to make people feel more relaxed, happier and healthier by teaching them Yoga, giving them massages and taking them out into nature for Fresh Air Fridays sessions, and that gives me so much more pleasure than earning lots of money could, I love my “job”!

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